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Who can participate in a Labor Studies Internship course (LABR 198-I)?
Upper division students of any major who are in good academic standing are eligible to participate in the internship; you cannot take the course if you are lower-division or on academic probation. The course is offered on a ‘satisfactory’/’not satisfactory’ grading basis (not a letter grade).
You can enroll in 1-4 units of course credit. Four units is equivalent to a regular course. It is normally recommended that you enroll in either 2 units (5-6 hours per week or at least 55 hours total) or 4 units (10-12 hours per week or at least 100 hours total).

How to get started in enrolling in LABR 198-I:
The first step in the process is to identify an organization that you think you would like to work with and set up an interview in person or by phone to make sure it’s a good match for your internship.  To help you do so, below is a link below to the labor studies website.  There you will find a list of the organizations we currently work with. Contact the internship supervisor directly to negotiate a time and place for your interview. It is strongly recommended that you both call and e-mail the potential site supervisor until you make contact. If you have trouble making contact with the organization, try both calling and leaving e-mail messages. If you cannot make contact for more than a few weeks, you should try another organization.


You can also suggest another organization as long as it serves working class people (broadly defined) or those with low or moderate incomes.

In terms of next steps in the LABR 198-I enrollment process:

You must turn in to the registrar’s office your completed 198-I Internship Enrollment Form with 5 signatures (Site Supervisor, Dr. Reese [program chair & course instructor], Academic Advisor, University Internship Coordinator, Undergraduate Dean). Here’s how to do this:

  1. Obtain a 198-I (Internship) enrollment form from the Career Center (located next to the Health Center) or from an academic adviser (either for your major or for Multidisciplinary Studies, 3100 Interdisciplinary Studies-South).
  2. Sign & complete your portion of the form.
  3. Arrange to get your site supervisor to sign & complete her/his portion of the form.
  4. Set up an appointment to meet with Prof. Ellen Reese in her office in Watkins 1217 or put your 198-I form into Prof. Ellen Reese’s mail box in Watkins Hall Room 1211 to obtain her signature as the program chair and course instructor for LABR 198-I. Please note that Prof. Reese is not on campus every day, especially during academic breaks and sabbaticals, so you should notify her if you leave this form in her mail box via e-mail (ellen.reese@ucr.edu). Make sure you include your name & e-mail address on your 198-I form and in your e-mail message so that she can contact you after she signs your 198-I form so you can continue through the enrollment process. Pick up the signed 198-I form from Prof. Reese’s mail box if you didn’t obtain her signature during office hours.
  5. Get the university internship coordinator located at the Career Center to sign the 198-I form (located close to the student health center).
  6. Get your academic adviser for your major to sign the 198-I form during her/his office hours to ensure you that you fulfill the course prerequisites of being upper-division and in good standing (or not on academic probation) and have sufficient units available to take the course (it can be taken for 1-4 units).
  7. Get the undergraduate dean for your college to sign the 198-I form. For the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, this Dean is located at 3413 Humanities & Social Sciences (HMNSS) building (NOT the Humanities building). Usually, you drop your form off at the front desk and come back for the form later that day or later in the week.
  8. Take your completed 198-I enrollment form to the registrar’s office at the Student Services building to register for the course no later than the end of the second week of the academic quarter. If you are enrolling in summer session, you must turn in your form at least one week prior to the start of the summer session.
  9. Check your on-line enrollment to ensure that the 198-I form was processed and that you are officially enrolled in the LABR 198-I course. Be aware that processing the 198-I form is not automatic and can take a while.

What are the requirements for the internship course?
The work you do with the organization will vary depending on their current campaigns and/or the needs of their members or clients for the duration of your participation. You should work out your actual work schedule with your site supervisor at the organization. The academic component of the LABR 198-I internship course consists of keeping weekly journals concerning your experience, and the ways the organization impacts the lives of working class people & their organizing or service strategies, and a short final paper summarizing your internship experience and what you learned from it. There are NO class meetings.

For more details on the Labor Studies minor and internships, contact the Internship Coordinator for Labor Studies, laborstudiesucr@gmail.com , visit: http://www.laborstudies.ucr.edu, or see Prof. Ellen Reese in her office, Watkins 1217 (ellen.reese@ucr.edu).