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Labor Studies Internship

The UC-Riverside Labor Studies program was designed to educate students about issues affecting workers and the history and current state of the labor movement. To enrich students' understanding of the issues facing working class people and the labor movement, the program offers internships with local labor and community organizations.  Upper-division students in any major who are in good academic standing (i.e., not on academic probation) are eligible to enroll in this course (LABR 198-I). Through this internship course, students gain first-hand experience working with the community and can explore possible career opportunities. Completion of a 4-unit internship is required of all Labor Studies minors, but you do not have to minor in Labor Studies to complete the course.

What kinds of organizations can I work for?
Internships are with unions or community organizations in the local area that serve workers and/or working class people (low to moderate income). While students are encouraged to find internships that suit their interests and availability, all internships must be approved by the Labor Studies advisor. Most internships will not be paid.

How do I get credit for the Labor Studies Internship?
Students can gain course credit for their internship through LABR 198I or an equivalent course. Students are advised to seek approval for their internship from the Labor Studies advisor before they begin. Enrollment in LABR 198-I is done through a paper form, which is available at the Career Center and/or from an academic adviser (for your major or the Multidisciplinary Studies unit in 3100 Interdisciplinary Studies Building-South).

Click HERE for detailed instructions on how to complete the 198-I form & where to submit it to register for this course.

For more information and/or to seek approval for an internship, please contact the Labor Studies Chair, Professor Ellen Reese. She is located in Watkins Hall 1217. E-mail: ellen.reese@ucr.edu. Phone: 951-827-2930.

Potential Internship Supervisors: 
The following people and organizations have expressed interest in supervising Labor Studies internships. You may also choose to work with another labor union or community organization as long as it addresses issues affecting working class people and obtain approval from the Chair of the minor (ellen.reese@ucr.edu).

On-campus & nearby internships (not requiring a car):

AFSCME 3930/United Domestic Workers
UDW represents in-home supportive service workers who provide care to our most fragile citizens of California: the elderly and disabled. Union membership is very diverse. The care providers and their clients frequently face cutbacks in services and jobs because of state budget cuts. Volunteers might assist in phone banking members to keep them informed about events and issues, participate in events and rallies, and/or get involved in mobilizing and registering voters, especially around election times. Spanish, Vietnamese, and/or Farsi language ability is a plus but not required. The union's main office is located in downtown Riverside and easily accessible by public buses.

Contact: Ricardo Cisneros at rcisneros@udwa.org
Phone: 951-333-9657 
Office Address: 3600 Lime St, Suite 421, Riverside, CA 92501

This union represents service workers at UCR, who do janitorial work, deliver mail, and/or work in food services. They help to educate members on issues affecting them and recruit new members. Interns would learn how to become an organizer for the workers and to do meetings with labor relations on contract enforcement. Many of their members are Spanish-speaking, so Spanish language ability is a plus.

Contact:  Leo Tolliver at ltolliver@afscme3299.org
Phone: 951-255-2739

Chicano Student Programs (www.csp.ucr.edu)
We create a positive environment for Chicano/Latino students at UCR by offering supportive services and programs that encourage academic success and retention. We provide service referral when necessary, and serve as a resource for advocacy, as well.

Contact:  Estella Acuna at estella.acuna@ucr.edu
Phone: 951-827-3822

Latino Voter Mobilization Project
This organization registers and mobilizes Latino voters both on and off-campus, working mostly on electing pro-worker/student/immigrant candidates to local offices, but sometimes on other ballot propositions of interest to Latino voters.

Contact: Francisco Sola at fsola@latinoprojects.org
Phone: 951-236-0951 (cell)

Mi Familia Vota MFV (http://www.mifamiliavota.org)
Mi Familia Vota MFV is a national nonprofit (nonpartisan) civic engagement organization that unites Latino, immigrant, and allied communities to promote social and economic justice through citizenship workshops, voter registration, and voter participation. We advocate year-round on critically important issues that affect our community in the fields of immigration, voting rights, the environment, workers’ rights, education, and health care. Volunteers will assist in Voter Registration and Education, co-lead and attend local events, data entry, co-lead citizenship/DACA Renewal workshops, co-lead in Know Your Rights KYR sessions, co-lead in Get Out The Vote (GOTV) and phone banking efforts. MFV Riverside office is located 10 minutes away from UCR campus, intern does not require a car. Work will be completed at MFV office and/or surrounding area (depending on event/project). 

Contact: Janet Bernabe 
Email: janetb@mifamiliavota.org
Phone: 951 581-0781
Office adress: 2025 Chicago Ave Suite A4
Riverside Ca, 92507

Teamsters Local 2010 (http://teamsters2010.org/)
Teamsters Local 2010 is the Union of 14,000 hard-working employees throughout the University of California system.  We are affiliated with the 1.4 million members of the Teamsters Union across the United States and Canada.  Together we are building a strong Union with the power to win better wages, benefits, and working conditions.  We strive to protect workers' rights through capable, determined labor representation.  Join us in our fight for a better workplace and the preservation of the working and middle class

Contact: Tanya Akel at takel@teamsters2010.org
Phone: 213- 407-2331

The 28ers (www.28ers.org | www.facebook.com/28ers.org )
About: The 28ers is nationally recognized non-profit and a post-partisan justice movement that hopes to join forces with organizations, communities and kindred spirits to bring about a paradigm shift that America so desperately needs: to create a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that forever severs private wealth from politics. On the 28th of every month, we host events across the Inland Empire about how money in politics hurts workers, students, foreign born, our food, the poor, the homeless, immigrants and people who need healthcare. The vision of our movement calls for a one-vote, one-voice democracy by creating a 4th branch of government to oversee, audit and distribute campaign contributions. To do this, we created our own 28th Amendment that was envisioned, drafted and revised over a four-month period. Our Amendment calls for a National Holiday for every election day, and creates a cash lottery system that rewards voter participation across the nation. The Amendment, though, is ultimately a people-powered act of legislation that aims to ban corporations as humans, money as speech, and requires all federal elections to be publicly funded, exclusively. We hope to redress the harms of the 1%, which has limited the growing of a greater democracy from the very beginning of our nation's history. 

We are looking for students interested in the 'big picture' and who may or may have not had experience in other social movements, but are still excited by many of the dreams Bernie Sanders envisions. We want students who are disturbed by the adverse affects of legalized bribery in the political system, which makes all solutions for society's ills impossible to implement. We are also open to students with various strengths and interests, and additionally encourage students to pick intern work that best suits their talents: Website, Twitter & Youtube Management; Campus Advertising and Door-to-Door Canvassing; Outreach and Phone-Banking; Content Development and Research for Our Website; Seeding New Chapters; Planning and Organizing Our Monthly Events; Responding to Queries and Help with Non-Profit Grant Writing. Our main goal, though, is to create new chapters through the UC system, and then build chapters from city-to-city, state-to-state across the nation.

Contact: Matthew Snyder at Matthew.Snyder@ucr.edu
Phone: 951- 500-1885

Women’s Resource Center (http://www.wrc.ucr.edu/)
The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) is a Student Affairs department that provides resources and programs designed to empower you and help you to succeed. Interested in volunteering for and internship through the Women’s Resource Center? Choose a topic of interest you’re passionate about and want to educate others on. Then let us help you that passion into a program! All majors are encouraged to participate.

Contact: Nathaly Martinez at nathaly.martinez@ucr.edu
Phone: (951) 827-3337

UAW Local 2865
UAW Local 2865 is the Union representing over 16,000 Academic Student Employees (ASEs) – Readers, Tutors, TAs, and others – at the 9 teaching campuses of the University of California.The Union gives us the right and power to bargain with the University of California over salary, benefits, workload, grievance procedures, fair hiring processes and other issues, allowing us to have a real say in our lives as academic student employees. Interns will work directly with Riverside Stewards on current campaigns which can include: expanding undergraduate membership, outreaching to STEM fields, membership political education, UCR coalition work, and statewide projects. We hope to work and build upon the assets with which the intern(s) brings as well as provide opportunities for learning new skills about the student/labor movement. 

Contact: riverside@uaw2865.org

Off-campus internships in or near Riverside (Access to a car is required):

Inland Empire Latino Lawyers Association, Inc. 
About: Non-profit legal service provider. Interns will assist with documentation preparation of legal forms for low-income individuals.

Contact: Sylvia Quistorf At Squistorf@Iellaaid.Org 
Phone: 951-369-3009

Pomona Economic Opportunity Center
The PEOC is a non-profit day labor organization whose mission is to provide an opportunity for day laborers to find safe work at a fair wage, to obtain new trades and skills that improve their employability and quality of life, and to improve the overall conditions for all immigrant workers.

The center organizes day laborers in Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, and San Bernardino. Spanish language ability & access to a car is required.

Contact: Benjamin Wood at bwood@pomonadaylabor.org
Phone: 909-397-4215 (office) and 909-996-1624 (cell) 

Riverside All of Us or None 
Starting Over Inc. is a transitional living and reentry service provider. We help individuals and families overcome homelessness while addressing the many barriers faced by our target population. Starting Over provides direct services, advocacy, and policy engagement for purposes of fostering self reliance and creating leaders from amongst those mist impacted and most in need.

Contact: Riversideallofusornone@gmail.com
Phone: 951-898-0862

San Bernardino Community Service Center, Inc. & Justice for Immigrants Coalition
The Justice for Immigrants Coalition of Inland Southern California consists of more than twenty groups from all sectors of the community, including the San Bernardino Community Service Center, Inc. We are a pro-immigrant rights coalition advocating for a just and humane immigration reform and the respect of immigrant rights.

Contact: Emilio Amaya at sbcsc.org@gmail.com 
Phone: 909-885-1992 
Office address: 788 N. Arrowhead Ave., San Bernardino, CA 92401

SEIU Local 2015 (https://www.seiu2015.org/)
SEIU Local 2015 is California’s Long Term Care workers organization that will unleash the collective power of long term care workers, their families, and their communities, harness the power of technology, and build a broad movement to disrupt the unjust status quo in order to bring lasting transformational change towards a more just society for all. SEIU Local 2015 led the fight for a $15 minimum wage and 3 paid sick days a year for every working person in California. We are also pushing for retirement security, safe workplaces and respect for people like you who care for elders and the disabled. SEIU Local 2015 believes that our mission demands that we fight injustice where we see and experience it, and fight until we win. Our justice agenda includes Economic and Worker Justice, Housing Justice, Immigrant Justice, Restorative Justice and Environmental Justice.

Contact: Miguel Benitez at miguelb@seiu2015.org
Phone: 909-327-2607
Address: 195 N. Arrowhead Ave. San Bernardino, CA 92408

United Food and Commercial Workers
The United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1167 represents grocery and food processing workers. The organization is currently working on a campaign regarding Latino supermarkets, so interns may participate in community outreach and/or research for this project. Spanish language ability is a plus but not required. The office is located in the nearby city of Bloomington & they often want to do worker outreach in the community, so a car is required.

Contact: Ana Cabral at ana.cabral@ufcw1167.org
Phone: 909-877-5000 Ext. 116

Warehouse Worker Resource Center
About: This non-profit workers’ center provides legal and other services and resources for warehouse workers in Riverside and San Bernardino counties and their main office is located in Ontario (about 15 minutes west of campus, so access to a car is required). Many warehouse workers are temporary workers and Latino immigrants, about 40% of whom are women. Many are paid very low wages with unstable employment and some face unsafe and/or illegal working conditions. Spanish language ability is a plus but not required, but a strong commitment to social justice is required! If you are interested, please contact the e-mail address below and be available to work at least 5 hours per week. If you have a resume handy, please send it.

Veronica Alvarado at valvarado@warehouseworkers.org and 323-206-8254 (texting is fine)
Phone: 909-986-6929

Organizations in Los Angeles (these require access to a car)

CLEAN Carwash Campaign
The CLEAN Carwash Campaign is committed to supporting carwash workers who are organizing improve working conditions in the carwash industry in Los Angeles. CLEAN's vision is building worker power and bringing the industry into compliance with basic federal, state and local laws. Carwash workers are some of the most exploited workers in Los Angeles, many earning as little as $35 for a 10 hour day of work and others earning tips only. CLEAN employs comprehensive strategies that incorporate worker organizing, community organizing, legal enforcement, policy advocacy and direct action to build the worker power necessary to achieve our mission. 

Contact:  Flor Rodriguez at rodriguez.e.flor@gmail.com
Phone: 323-385-4396

Garment Worker Center (http://garmentworkercenter.org/)
The Garment Worker Center (GWC) is a worker rights organization whose mission is to organize low-wage garment workers in Los Angeles in the fight for social and economic justice.  GWC addresses the systemic problems of wage theft, unhealthy and unsafe working conditions, and the abusive and inhumane treatment faced by workers on-the-job.

Contact: Marissa Nuncio at marissanuncio@gmail.com
Phone: 213-748-5866/213-453-9907

Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE) (http://www.laane.org/)
Founded in 1993, LAANE is recognized as a national leader in the effort to address the challenges of working poverty, inadequate health care and polluted communities. Combining a vision of social justice with a practical approach to social change, LAANE has helped set in motion a broad movement to transform conditions in Los Angeles and beyond. Interns work alongside an organizer and participate in coalition meetings, outreach and research. Interested students should provide a cover letter and an up-to-date resume. The cover letter should address the students experience with economic and social justice issues, and the student should identify which campaign they would like to work with and why (consult LAANE website to look at current active campaigns).

Contact: Tim Bowler at tbowler@laane.org
Phone: 213-977-9400 Ext 108